Access to

Fill registration data confirm registration platform, access to HOME screen

Access to personal modification screen "profile"

Profile screen

To create a team you select "My Team" from the top menu, and click "Create Team"

To create a new team, select Event and Category for the team, assign a name for the team.

After completing the information we create the team.

Our team created will appear on the screen, you can access by clicking on its name.

Now access the team screen, where we can see the information of the assigned event, category and dates of the selected event

You can edit the name of the team and even delete it if you do not want to participate.

Important: It is MANDATORY that this player was previously registered on the platform by this registration form.

You can check that the team is pending on your partner confirmation, he/she will receive an alert about your invitation to play the tournament.

If you have been selected as partner by someone else, an alert will appears on your top menu, informing who wants to team up with you and for which event.

You can accept or reject this invitation

If your partner confirms the invitation to your team, it will appear on your screen, now you can formalize the registration to play the event.


Fill payment details. The data required are those of the person who is completing this payment. Buyer is not necessary to be part of the team